Benefits of Selling on DoulaBiz

Why Sell on

Greater Earning Potential

Greater earning potential and a wonderful opportunity to expand your reach and ultimately, your customer base by selling to thousands of potential customers’ island-wide without boundaries and without the need to set up your own online store or physical location.

Social Sharing of Your Products

Shoppers will have the opportunity to like, save and share your products with their friends and family on any social media platform of their choice.

Trade Partnerships

The opportunity to attract local and international shoppers and suppliers and benefit from profitable trade partnerships with local and overseas traders and suppliers.

24/7 Availability

Always open for business – operate a round-the-clock business with 24/7 opening hours.


Greater transparency – product prices and availability are always accessible.

Convenient Online Shopping

Convenient and reliable e-commerce marketplace where everyone can promote, buy, sell and offer extraordinary deals on products and services.

Superb Customer Service

DoulaBiz Ltd. superb customer service and buyer protection plan creates greater levels of trust for our users and increased confidence to buy online

Direct Messaging System

Built in direct messaging system and email contact give shoppers direct access to you their supplier.

Additional Marketing Channel

An additional channel to market and sell your products and services.


Positive reviews will give new customers the confidence to buy.

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