DoulaBiz catering to the growth of businesses across the island

Not just because it’s International Women’s Day! Cassandra Scott is a female dynamo in business; always wanting to make her mark on the industry in which she operates. Through what she describes as a niche-market type product, the services offered by her company DoulaBiz Limited, she says, will transform the way how business information is sold and presented locally.

Scott, who has had years of experience working in similar entities before starting her own business, said that through a more synced approach the business aims to provide all directory and e-commerce activities for businesses via one platform.

“DoulaBiz is the country’s first comprehensive business directory offering cutting-edge sales and marketing support, e-commerce marketplace, sales and customer service training and sales management consultancy, to help new and established businesses grow and achieve their goals” the proud owner and chief executive officer (CEO) shared .

“We have created an online hub designed with all the tools necessary to catapult businesses to greater levels of success. We are the one place to find, sell, promote and purchase any product or service imaginable under the sun,” she told the Jamaica Observer.

From the lone business man in the streets to large mega enterprises and beyond, she said that her business has no limitations in terms of the clients targeted.

“We list from skilled workers such as plumbers, carpenters, masons, vendors, dressmakers, mechanics, and small business owners to large corporate enterprises — catering to everyone who wants their product, service and contact information to be known,” she said.

Referring to statistics from a recent all media survey published by Market Research Services, which shows that about 85 per cent of Jamaican households now have access to the Internet at least on a mobile phone, she believes that the mediums utilised by her company are very effective in disseminating information and reaching wider audiences in record time.

“Every business owner now has the opportunity to set up a virtual storefront in every nook and cranny of Jamaica in order to be discovered by more people, sell more products and services, increase revenue and build customer confidence with a professional business profile.

“We provide businesses with a webpage consisting of a strong, compelling business profile that separates them from their competitors. The business was created as a solution, where for the first time, all size businesses and service providers can be found in one convenient location. We provide a cost-effective way to expand customer base, increase revenue, build business reputation, grow customer confidence and create a larger digital footprint. We are a lifestyle platform with relevant information and services poised to attract tons of newcomers not usually reached by traditional directory advertising,” she told Sunday Finance.

Outside of its virtual platform, the business also operates from a physical space in Kingston, and also has sales executives strategically positioned islandwide, seeking to ensure that every business has the opportunity to get listed.

The beaming CEO, in reporting on the performance of her company to date said that the less-than-a-year-old company, which was started from personal savings and investments, is already making great strides in the marketplace and in the next couple of years will become a force to be reckoned with.

In eyeing an official launch for some time this year, Scott said that her vision is to inspire trust and build a network of loyal clients whilst also promoting a culture of shopping online and supporting local suppliers.

“We have created a highway that truly connects suppliers and consumers for well-needed products and services. Many see us as God-sent and believe we are the solution Jamaica has been waiting for,” she said, also expressing that she feels a sense of pride and joy in knowing that she is able to provide a solution to many business owners who were once without this convenient and affordable alternative.

“We are the only company that advertises the product or service, points the customer where to buy it, and then give them the opportunity to purchase the item(s) in a single transaction —24 hours a day, 365 days per year and have it delivered to their doors. All of these products and services can be sourced on the company’s website,” she added.

With a dedicated staff consisting of about 14 employees, DoulaBiz believes it can fulfill its primary objective of supporting the growth of businesses from the time an idea was conceived, up to the time it has been birthed.

Noting that there are challenges and setbacks, Scott is confident that her business will provide far-reaching services to the local and international market.

“The Diaspora will also have greater access to a wider range of Jamaican products that can be delivered to their doors anywhere in the world,” she also told Sunday Finance. 

Business reporter

Sunday, March 08, 2020



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